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Đáp án Bài tập Phát âm tiếng anh nâng cao – Unit 17: Dấu trọng âm trong tính từ ghép và dạng viết tắt

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1 homesick                       5 armour-plated                               9 empty-handed

2 far-fetched                     6 cinemagoing                                   10 fireproof

3 spine-chilling                  7 gift-wrapped                                  11 self-financing

4 mind-blowing                 8 well-meaning                                  12 machine-readable

The exception is ‘,armour-‘plated’. Most noun + past participle compound adjectives have main stress on the first part.



* indicates compounds which have stress shift

bad-tempered                  high-flying*                        eye-catching

public-spirited                   world-famous                   tongue-tied

time-consuming               hard-working                     camera-shy

good-looking                     ground-breaking              long-term*

close-cropped*                 well-dressed                      fat-free

short-sighted                     loose-fitting*                     well-earned*


Definitions of abbreviations:

CEO = chief executive officer

DVD = digital versatile disc or digital video disc

AOB = any other business

PC = personal computer

OHP = overhead projector

NHS = National Health Service (the British state health care system)

ATM = automated teller machine (a machine, often outside a bank, where you can get money from your account using a bank card)

RP = received pronunciation (an accent of British English considered to have no regional features)

AGM = annual general meeting

RSI = repetitive strain injury {a medical condition causing pain in the hand, wrists, etc., especially in people who use computers a lot)

TLC = tender loving care (being looked after carefully and gently)

VAT = value added tax

UFO = unidentified flying object

WHO = World Health Organisation

EU = European Union

RSVP = répondez s’il vous plait (= please reply)

CV = curriculum vitae

ETA = estimated time of arrival

CD = compact disc

IT = information technology

CND = Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (a British organisation opposing nuclear weapons)

DIY = do-it-yourself (decorating or repairing your home rather than paying someone else to do it)

GMT = Greenwich Mean Time

HGV = heavy goods vehicle {a large truck used for transporting goods)

The letter with main stress is underlined and * indicates stress shift.

1 CEO                    5 AGM*               9 ETA

2 PC*                     6 TLC                   10 CD*

3 NHS                    7 WHO*               11 DIY

4 RP                       8 EU*                  12 GMT

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Chia sẻ ngay trên các MXH sau để tạo tín hiệu tốt cho bài viết :)

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